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Brief Description

Lena, an innovative philologist with a history of almost 30 years, decided in 2019, before the pandemic, to take the next step by including distance education and e-learning services in the range of services provided by her tutoring center, but also to upgrade her existing presence in Internet.

She came to us with the intention of redesigning her old website and incorporating a modern, modern and easy-to-use asynchronous e-learning system that will be easy for young learners to understand. Also, the school needed upgrading of the existing infrastructure and equipment.


Our Approach

After the first exploratory meetings, it became clear that the new website had to preserve the glamor of the school’s history, but at the same time promote the inclusion of new technologies and innovation in its program.

We came up with the minimal approach in terms of website design and the use of infographics and animations in terms of the graphic part of the pages, building a blog for the students, and trying to rank high in search engine results.

In the subject of e-learning, we sought a platform that would be reliable, easy to learn and operate for both trainers and trainees, and widespread so that its knowledge would be integrated into the soft skills of students.

All of this, of course, should be able to work just as easily on tablets and mobile phones, as on desktop computers. site images
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Our Services

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Videography
  • Content Creation
  • e-Learning Platform Management (eClass)





  • We built the new website from the ground up, incorporating all the modern web building technologies, faithfully following the design resulting in a light, fast and engaging website.
  • We installed the Open eClass platform as an e-learning system, trained staff to use it and created training materials so that every new student can easily use it. The result was excellent and effective, as students now take this possibility for granted.
  • We achieved the highest ranking in search engines, showing the website on the first page of Google results. To achieve this, we have applied advanced SEO and keyword research techniques.
  • We created short corporate videos as well as material for its use on social media.
  • We assisted in the selection and installation of a new interactive whiteboard, through which live lessons and presentations now take place.


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